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Chat Room Rules

1. Please act professional at all times.  During some of the music shows, we understand the need for socializing and having fun, however, please be respectful of everyone.

2. Those that wish to disrupt chat will be given (1) ONE warning there will be no second chances.

3. If you would like to participate during talk show programming, please feel free to voice your opinion, however, rudeness will not be tolerated.

4. We also have a group where the banners of each talk show and DJ show is placed. If you would like to chat there and be part of the group community you may join at   we will be proud to have you.


28 thoughts on “Live Radio

  1. I was just wondering if you all have any time slots open I’m looking for an hour time slot to try to wake a few people up in this country if you want to know what I would like to talk about for hour just goto my facebook page and check it out thank you

  2. I am the Wisconsin resident that stopped by Paul Ryan’s office and left a Sheriff’s Kit. I told him I will be emailing him with some questions in a timely manner. Anybody have any questions for him?

  3. I have to thank you for covering what is happening in SA and hope that I could help save my people .I am lucky enough to be in the UK . The whole world needs waking up to white cenocide not just in SA but everywhere .Once again thank you guys

  4. Wow What an eye opener for the world of sleepwalkers.
    Dj Lang Gary Gatehouse…..The Laz and Bossman Davey
    Islamic globetrotting is a reality.
    Walking into countries like mine in England and governments appeasing them.
    Un fucking real.

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